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How Save in Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer


There’s no doubt that we should really get a skilled wedding photographer. This wedding photographer can help capture the special moments in our big day. Through taking wonderful photos, we can reminisce the things that happened in the wedding and we can keep these memories throughout our lifetime.


However, a wedding can cost a lot and naturally if possible we want to lessen the costs in everything that we need to pay for the wedding. We would like to probably look for a cheaper florist, an economical venue and of course a professional photographer who offers his services at a lower rate compared to others.

There are many ways that we can obtain the services of a professional wedding photographer better value.


1.    Spend less for an off season wedding.
You will pay less when your wedding is set in off-season. There are a few wedding photographers who offer their services at a lower rate during off-season. Because most weddings are being held during summer and fall the cost of wedding photography service on these days are high but then if you choose an off-peak month such as November and January you can get a professional wedding photographer at an affordable price. For the reason that there is significantly less workload so the professional photographers need to be flexible and open to providing their services at a cheaper rate so they can still generate profits during off-season.


2.    Search the web for wedding photography contests or discount offers
Wedding photographers usually join photography competitions from time to time and if you’re fortunate you will find a professional one who is ready to cover your wedding for free or at a cheaper cost in exchange of using your pictures for the contest. Aim to check online or ask friends if they know any similar competition. Search also for wedding sites that might be offering discounts and call them if you find them reputable and fascinating.


3.    Look for connections.
Similar to other businesses, you can grab discounts if you personally know the business operator and in this case when you search for a photographer start by asking your friends if they someone who is an expert wedding photographer. Ask to get connected and then eventually ask for a possible discount. Try to negotiate and lower the rate to something you can afford.


Wedding photos are very significant because it helps to keep the recollections of special event in our lives. Make sure to hire a professional to shoot in your wedding so there is guarantee that everything will go nicely. 


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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Camera Bag

A beginner photographer does not only purchase cameras and various lenses when starting his own photography business but he really should also buy a camera bag. A camera bag is very essential for all professional photographers. This carrier helps to protect their expensive gear and it helps a photographer transport his equipment better especially when moving around to cover an event.


There are many types of camera bags to choose from and the number of bags being offered in the market today can be mind-boggling for a novice photographer. There are many factors to consider in selecting the best camera bag for you and to help you select, here are a number of tips on what to look for in a camera bag.


1.    Go with a bag that matches your type of photography
When shopping for various camera bags to choose from, consider the type of photography you are preparing to enter into or the kind of photographing you are presently doing. If you handle destination weddings or if you travel a great deal, then think about purchasing a moving camera bag that is compact and passes international airport requirements. Meanwhile, if you perform landscape photography and standard wedding, you may think of a messenger type camera bag or a backpack.


2.    Search for a comfy bag.
Most photographers complain about the weight of their photography equipment and this makes it critical for you to select a comfy bag. Consider a bag that has cushioning slings because they help lower the burden you are carrying. The problem though is that some pads are too thick and this adds weight to the bag. Make sure to ask what material the bag is made of and try it out before purchasing.


3.    Check out the size.
At the beginning, you might only have couple of photography gear and accessories but pretty sure about a month or two you will buy more items. This makes it important to look at the measurement of the camera bag you really want to buy. The camera bag should preferably still have room for other stuff that you might perhaps buy and carry when handling parties. 


4.    Pick a not too-obvious camera bag
Make an effort to get a camera bag that doesn’t look like it. Camera bags are prone to theft since robbers know how really expensive camera equipment can be. There are fashionable camera bags readily available in the marketplace these days and these bags can keep you at a distance from spying eyes of thieves.


There is no perfect camera bag but for sure you will find camera bags that will suit your taste and style. A lot of photographers own more than 1 camera bag and so if you can manage to pay for 2 or more bags then that would be fantastic. The most crucial thing here is for you to be able to protect your prized cameras and gadgets and for you to be also comfortable in holding your stuff.

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How to Prepare for Your Destination Wedding


Are you thinking about having your wedding out of the country or in a different city? Do you know that a destination wedding can be thrilling but at the same time difficult? Planning for a wedding in a faraway location won’t be easy. You have to allot time in carrying out a research in order for your dream destination wedding to be outstanding.


1.    Be aware of the needed permits to apply for.
Specific permits are necessary in various cities, areas or countries. It's best to find out what the required permits are and apply for them as early as you can. Some permits take weeks to process or get accepted so make sure to plan early on.


2.    Perform an ocular inspection of the location.
Don’t rely on talking on the phone with the venue manager. You have to talk face to face and see the exact place. It is not good enough to view it on the website. You should see how huge the area and different spots are so you can plan better. It is recommended to employ a wedding manager to help you plan so it won’t be too nerve-racking for you.


3.    Hunt for a guide to help you find a local wedding photographer.
Search for someone close to you who is acquainted with the city or area where you want your wedding to take place. This can help you very easily find local vendors so you don’t have to pay additional for delivery fees.


4.    Select the right date.
If possible, set the wedding date on a weekend or on holidays so there’s greater chance that most if not all your friends can go to the wedding. Make certain also to inform the visitors of the things they need to bring as well as how many hours the travel time will be. They should be at the location at least an hour before the wedding ceremony starts or at least 3 hours before if the guest is part of the wedding entourage.


Make your dream destination wedding become a reality by following the tips listed above. You should also seek guidance from those who just recently had their destination wedding so you'll understand what other needed preparations to make.


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Benefits of Having a Family Portrait in Your Home

Benefits of Having a Family Portrait in Your Home


Do you think it is beneficial to have family images displayed at home? Well, the answer is unquestionably YES!


When entering a house, the very first thing that catches a visitor’s attention is a family picture hanging on the wall. We love looking at family photographs where both old and young family members gather together for an unforgettable photo shoot.


Pleasant Decoration at Home
Family photographs showcased at home usually suggest solid family ties and closeness among each and every family member. A family photo shoot is usually sought after by a family member for different reasons. It could be just a simple remembrance during a particular celebration or a year by year family photo shoot to clearly show the growth among each member. A family photo is always a nice way to spend time with the whole family. After having a photo shoot, you can go dine together in a restaurant or go somewhere more exciting.


Make You Feel Proud
Aside from being a nice decoration at home, a family portrait will make you feel proud about your history. You feel a sense of belongingness and you want other people to know where you come from. Different family photos can show the difference the generation today and the generation before. These photos also show a lot about your family’s history which you certainly want to treasure and share to the next generation.


Identify Family’s Historical past
Family photos can also show how you and your siblings have grown over the years. You can do a comparison of how you look like before and how you look like today. A lot of great stories will be told whenever you show these pictures to your close friends.


A simple family picture would absolutely give you comfort and ease every time you are sad or you feel alone. Make it a habit to have a family picture taken at least once per year. You will never regret it.

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What is a Seasonal Photographer?

Have you heard of seasonal photographers? They are freelance photographers taking photos depending on the season: whether summer, spring, fall or winter. Spring and summer are the best seasons for them because there are plenty of functions especially weddings where they get employed.


Seasonal or holiday photographers are usually photo hobbyists who later on became a part-time or freelance photographer.  Most of these photographers are on-call basis. A number of professional wedding photographers are part-time photographers given that they only work when called to cover weddings in spring and summer.

If you are planning to become a seasonal photographer, you should think again before coming up with a decision. There are things that you must consider or weigh in.


As a seasonal photographer, cash flow for the half of the year would surely be slow if not zero. For that reason, you should take into account having a budget income for your year expenses. You can even examine and document your monthly bills like house rent, car mortgage, office rent, electricity, water, weekly groceries for you to have a monthly breakdown of your expense.


From there, you could start to make a monthly spending budget in which you could quickly alter depending on the funds.  Control your expenditures and steer clear of using credit cards. Find also other sources of income.


Since for almost half a year or less that you would be relaxing, try to think and produce a “ to do list” that can help you develop or create opportunities. Try to do fruitful activities like attending photography training seminars to greatly enhance your skills or do some researching on photography to gain more knowledge on the current trend in photography.


Make the most of your free time to scrutinize, check and calibrate all your equipment together with its accessories so you can be sure they are in good working condition. By doing so, you wouldn’t need to check your devices during work and you can focus more on your project.